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Diagnosis & Treatment with Botox of Patients with Benign Essential Blepharospasm & Related Disorders

Neil R. Miller, M.D., F.A.C.S
Wilmer Eye Institute
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Baltimore, Maryland

This video was made to educate patients, their caregivers and the physicians who treat them. The video has four parts. The first part shows the clinical features of patients with Benign Essential Blepharospasm, Meige Syndrome and the atypical form of blepharospasm called apraxia of eyelid opening. The second part shows the way to prepare Botox for subcutaneous injection. The third part shows the technique for injecting Botox, and the final part shows patients before and after receiving Botox injections.

  1. Clinical appearance: 00:35 - 04:27
  2. Preparation of Botox for injection: 04:28 - 07:08
  3. Injection of Botox: 07:09 - 15:30
  4. Results of Botox injections: 15:31 - 26:18
This video is hosted on YouTube. Note that you can view it full screen by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the screen. If you have difficulty viewing the video, go to YouTube Help. If that information does not help, Google "problem watching youtube videos".

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